Türkiye Mekânsal Strateji Planı Çalısma Grubu Toplantıları 2018  - Çevre ve Şehircilik Bakanlığı

Turkey Spatial Strategy Plan Workshop Meetings Series 2018

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

A. Yücel Odabaşı Colloquium Series 2018 - 3rd International Meeting - Progress in Propeller Cavitation and its Consequences – Experimental and Computational Methods for Predictions

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.ayocol.itu.edu.tr/AYOCOL2018/index.html

THIRD EURO-MEDITERRANEAN CONFERENCE on Bioengineering, Biomaterials, and Biomedicine

by Istanbul Technical University https://emc3b.sciencesconf.org/l

A. Yücel Odabaşı Colloquium Series 2016 - 2nd International Meeting - Recent Advances in Prediction Technologies for Safe Manoeuvring of Ships and Submarines

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.ayocol.itu.edu.tr/AYOCOL2016/index.html

The 2015 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, Paris, France

by University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada http://asonam.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/2015/index.php

The 4th Internat.onal Conference on Advance Model Measurement Technologies for Maritime Industry, September 2015, Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University http://conferences.ncl.ac.uk/amt15

Third International Conference on Competence-Based Strategic Management" (ICCBSM 2015)

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.iccbsm.itu.edu.tr/

LM-SCM 2014 XII. International Logistics and Supply Chain Congress

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.lm-scm2014.itu.edu.tr//

A. Yücel Odabaşı Colloquium Series 2014 - 1st International Meeting - Propeller Noise and Vibration

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.ayocol.itu.edu.tr/AYOCOL2014/index.html/

The 5th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) European 2014 Conference

by Istanbul Technical University http://sites.ieee.org/isgt-europe-2014/

The 4th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (RACR 2013)

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.racr2013.itu.edu.tr/


by World Energy Council Turkish Member Committee http://www.dektmk.org.tr/

FLINS2012, August Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.flins2012.itu.edu.tr/

ICVES2012, July Istanbul

by Galatasaray University http://icves2012.gsu.edu.tr/

PMAPS 2012, June Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.pmaps2012.itu.edu.tr/

ATMOS 2011, April, Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University http://siga.uubf.itu.edu.tr/atmosfer/index.php/atmos/ATMOS2011

ETC 2011 , March, Istanbul

The 9th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics (ETC 9)
by Istanbul Technical University http://www.etc9.itu.edu.tr/.

SMC 2010 , October, Istanbul

IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
by Bogazici University http://www.smc2010.org/

IFAC WORKSHOPS 2010 , August, Antalya

IFAC International Workshop on the; - Adaptation and Learning in Control and Signal Processing (ALCOSP 2010) - Periodic Control Systems (PSYCO 2010)
by Bogazici University http://www.ifacworkshops.org/

SMOOTH - SHIPS 2010 , May, Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.smooth-ships.itu.edu.tr

ITHET 2010 , May, Cappadocia

Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET)
by Bogazici University http://www.ithet.org/

IMAM 2009 , October, Istanbul

The International Congress of International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean
by Istanbul Technical University http://www.imam2009.itu.edu.tr/

ICONS 2009 , September, Istanbul

The 2nd IFAC International Conference on Intelligent Control Systems and Signal Processing
by Bogaziçi University http://www.icons2009.org/

ISOT 2009 , September, Istanbul:

International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies
by Bogaziçi University http://www.isot2009.org/

ECAADE 2009 , September, Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University and Yıldız Technical University

IEEE DEST 2009, June, Istanbul

by Bogaziçi University and Curtin University of Technology http://dest2009.debii.curtin.edu.au

I. Ulusal Yapi ve Denetim Sempozyumu, Kasim 2008, Istanbul


ISCIS 2008, October, Istanbul

The 23rd of the International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences
By Istanbul Technical University http://www.iscis2008.itu.edu.tr/

CIMSA 2008, July 2008, Istanbul

by Boğaziçi University http://www.cimsa.ieee-ims.org/2008/

VECIMS 2008, July 2008, Istanbul

by Boğaziçi University http://vecims.ieee-ims.org/2008/venue2.php

VSS 2008, June, 2008

The 10th International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems,
by Boğaziçi University and Akdeniz University http://www.vss2008.org/

1st RFID Eurasia Conference, September 2007, Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University, Arkansas University, Loder http://www.rfideurasia.com/

IV 2007, June , Istanbul

Intelligent Vehicles Symposium by IEEE
by Istanbul Technical University and Galatasaray University http://www.iv2007.itu.edu.tr/hoteltravele22.php

6th International Space Syntax Symposium, June 2007, Istanbul

by Istanbul Technical University http://www.spacesyntaxistanbul.itu.edu.tr/

IEMDC 2007, May, Antalya

International Electric Machines and Drives Conference by IEEE
by Boğaziçi University http://www.iemdc07.org/

AMC 2006, Mart 2006, İstanbul

by Sabancı Üniversitesi

CIMA 2005, Computational Intelligence Methods & Applications, İstanbul

by Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

MED 2004, 12th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Kuşadası

by Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

ICM 2004, IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics 2004, İstanbul

by Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

ITHET 2004, 5th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training: , İstanbul

by Boğaziçi Üniversitesi