Travel e22 Conference Services in Turkey

       Travel e22 was established with an experience and education background of 30 years, in 2003. Travel e22 is specialized in custom academic congresses and has been organizing university academic conferences. Usually, participants are from many different countries. The professional background of the employees, is the undoubted guarantee of clients' satisfaction. Travel e22 has the best rates in Turkey, for all round-trip Turkey coach tours & vacation packages at resort hotels along the Mediterranean shores of Turkey.

        The secret of Travel e22' s rapid growth is; the affective use of INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE technology as to be the first agency who use online conference registration system in Turkey, which provides conference chairs & committees with an effective tool to be on top of all conferences related fees and budgeting.



Travel e22 International Tourism Consultingunnamed

       The experience is knowledge. And knowledge is Gold. Having solid consulting services for tourism master planning, educational consulting and consulting on tourism technology solutions in the past, Travel e22 staff is always ready (semper paratus) for to handle each and every case for your comfort.



Let Travel e22 complete your conference and event puzzle...