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For Global Sustainable Tourism;
No transition without transmission in Tourism! 

Tourism Industry has to pass through a transition period in order to achieve at least get close to climate change challenge


  • Communication: Encouraging effective communication between stakeholders in the tourism industry, including policymakers, businesses, and tourists themselves.

  • The concept of Cognitive climate change in tourism refers to the shift in travelers' perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards sustainable tourism practices.

  • Digital transformation: The tourism industry is the first to adopt digital technologies to enhance the tourist experience and improve operational efficiency.

  • Education: Providing education and training on sustainable tourism practices, to industry professionals

  • Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement: Encouraging collaboration and facilitating knowledge sharing between tourism stakeholders in the tourism industry

  • Policymakers: Governments and regulatory bodies can develop policies and frameworks that incentivize sustainable tourism practices and communicate them effectively to businesses and tourists

  • Crisis management: The tourism industry is vulnerable to crises such as natural disasters, pandemics, and political instability. Effective crisis management requires timely and accurate communication and transmission of information to tourists, industry stakeholders, and local communities.


"There's no transition without transmission in global tourism" means that sustainable tourism practices cannot be achieved without effective communication and sharing of information on these practices across the tourism industry and to tourists themselves. To make a successful transition towards sustainability, information and knowledge must be transmitted and received by all stakeholders involved in tourism

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