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LpsChain is a modular platform, providing various features; File Sharing, File Storage, File Management & Data Synchronization. Existing features can be customized and developed according to customer requirements. 

LpsChain is your private decentralized blockchain DATA STORAGE where you can share, store, synchronize and manage your data securely!

  • Don't bother using internet file transfer websites!  

  • Don't let anyone access or view your info without your permission!

  • You may now share hundreds of GB of data with your buddies!

  • without letting the entire world see your info!

  • Use the power! Use the Blockchain based private data platform: LpsChain

  • Be safe! Stay private!


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Data Sharing

Share your data securely in high-speed with LpsChain, based on blockchain technology. You can share unlimited data. Your only limit is your package.

Data Storage

You can store your data indefinitely in LpsChain storages. No one can access your data except permitted users. Your data is stored in blockchain nodes securely with maximum redundancy.

Data Management

LpsChain is designed to offer data management services for corporates and individuals that you can reach, trace and share your data. With the integrated workspace, users can access all the permitted files and modify them. In corporate accounts, multiple users can work on the same files concurrently with our user-friendly interface.


Our synchronization module, LPS Sync, presents an innovative way to synchronize files/folders in a network with blockchain technology. LPS Sync is developed for the use of corporate companies to share and work on the files in work environments. In LPS Sync, employees in different departments or locations, can work on the shared files (even in the same file) simultaneously with their colleagues within their access limits. Read and write permissions can be granted to users separately.

Store, Share & Manage Your Data Securely

LpsChain is a modular platform which provides various features; Data Sharing, Data Storage, Data Management & Data Synchronization. All LpsChain features can be customized and developed in coherence with customer requirements.


By its structure, our blockchain detects any unauthorised data alteration immediately and thus ensures the preservation of data integrity. LpsChain’s unique & in-house blockchain concept is developed on Python, Cython, C++ and JavaScript software. Our blockchain stores not only smart contracts also data itself. LpsChain is developed specially for data management and brings mutability in blockchain technology to delete or modify user data.

A new unique encryption method is developed to protect user data. User API and blockchain software are decoupled from each other and contain separate security systems. In addition to public and private keys, a new encryption model, LPS Key, is introduced and strengthened with different authenticators to maximize security level in user log-ins. Users can adjust security level from account settings.

Sharing data with third parties is subject to cyber threats. LpsChain distributes and share your data by encrypting between closed server nodes and ensures your security. LpsChain splits your data into chunks and each chunk is individually encrypted with time variable keys.

LpsChain’s decentralized blockchain structure offers a high level of security with its unique technology. We give the technology world a new lease of life by fragmenting the data with our unique technology.

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