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About Green Destinations

Green Destinations is a global organization created in the Netherlands to support sustainable destinations, their businesses and their communities

Green Destinations’ core programs, the GD Awards and Certification Program for destinations, the Good Travel Program for businesses and the Top 100 Sustainability Stories are the main pillars of a country-wide stewardship approach that we have developed and piloted in Slovenia, Estonia, Australia, Brazil and Guyana.

Green Destinations developed a support program including over 40 assessment and reporting tools, including training courses.

Green Destinations has developed this Assessment & Reporting system to help destinations assess their current tourism policy, management and sustainability performance on all relevant sustainability themes, help improve those fields that are lagging behind, plan actions for improvements and monitor progress.

The Green Destinations assessment & reporting system is a reliable and affordable tool that helps destinations to manage and improve environmental, cultural and social impacts by complying with our GSTC-recognised sustainability criteria.  When a destination meets minimum requirements, it will be eligible for our Award & Certification Program.

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To support you on your road to sustainability, the Green Destinations platform offers a wide range of services which include self-assessment, training, management, planning and reporting. To explore the platform, request a free demo login via contact@greendestinations.org . 

Joining Green Destinations is easy

Joining Green Destinations is easy and affordable. Our practical web-based solutions make Green Destinations convenient for both small and large destinations. Step-by-step, the online platform will guide you towards sustainability.   

To find out more about Green Destinations or how to join, go to membership or find more details at www.greendestinations.org. Alternatively, you can contact our team via contact@greendestinations.org 

- Genuine Supporting the authentic celebration of local culture and tradition.

- Responsible & Respectful Avoiding exploitation of people in tourism, and preventing disruptive mass tourism (overtourism)

-  Economically sustainable Involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment.

-  Environment & Climate-friendly Combatting the climate crisis, environmental degradation and pollution, whilst ensuring public health

-  Nature & Scenery friendly Protecting scenic views, landscapes, natural habitats and wildlife..


Note:  The Green Destinations Assessment & Certification Program is a collaborative initiative by Green Destinations and the
European Centre for Eco & Agro Tourism (ECEAT).
Green Destinations is registered in The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce no. 60700874


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